CREMILK – Specialist in soluble milk products

CREMILK produces high-quality milk powder for baby milk formula, dietary foods and creamer in the town of Kappeln an der Schlei in northern Germany.

We have been specialising in the spray-drying of long-life and high-quality food products for over 100 years. Thanks to this expertise, CREMILK products from Schleswig-Holstein are now popular all over the world.


A variety of products made from premium milk

CREMILK is known all over the world as a specialist in high-quality milk powder.

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A love of milk from an early age

Our high-quality baby milk formula made in Kappeln has been keeping babies and parents happy for generations.

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For a better quality of life

Discover the nutrition drinks and supplements from CREMILK.

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The crème de la crème

Creamers from CREMILK are long-life and perfectly complement the intense aroma of any hot drink.

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CREMILK is where creativity meets milk.

years of experience

CREMILK has been specialising in the spray-drying of high-quality food products for over 100 years. We use this knowledge to develop successful products and create innovative new ideas for the international food market.

Energy management in accordance with the ISO standard

CREMILK has a forward-thinking energy policy, which aims to significantly increase sustainability and optimize energy performance. We have therefore introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2001. Our aim is to lower our energy needs and optimize our energy flows.

dedicated employees

There are currently almost 200 people working at CREMILK in Kappeln an der Schlei. And that figure doesn’t even come close to the countless cows that supply our premium milk. Whether our team members have two or four legs, we believe it’s extremely important to have optimum working conditions that meet the latest standards.

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