Baby milk formula – energy for life

The foundations for your child’s physical and mental development are laid right from the very first day of feeding. Which is why it is especially important where babies and toddlers get their nutrition. All CREMILK products are tailored to your baby’s age range and adjusted to suit their changing energy and nutritional needs. Our baby milk formulas are developed and produced in line with scientific knowledge, which means they are remarkably easy to dissolve and digest. Our products are free from colourants and preservatives and are of course gluten free (as required by law).

When it comes to successful retail brands for baby milk formula, our customers can depend on the private label products from CREMILK.


The best ingredients and a strictly controlled manufacturing process create a safe product.

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Creamers from CREMILK are long-life and perfectly complement the flavour of any hot drink.

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Nutrition drinks

Our dietary foods have been specially developed to take care of gaps in nutrition as nutrition drinks and supplements.

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