Dietary nutrition drinks – the perfect blend for quality of life

Our ideas from milk offer healthy nutrition beyond just baby milk formula.

CREMILK has developed dietary nutrition products specifically to cover gaps in nutrition. These high-calorie nutrition drinks and supplements offer particular benefits when it is difficult to meet your daily needs for energy and nutrients through your normal diet. That’s where CREMILK products come in – to help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your well-being. Nutrition drinks and supplements from CREMILK are available in a range of tasty flavours. Our successful brands include MILKRAFT® and MILKRAFT Plus®.


The best ingredients and a strictly controlled manufacturing process create a safe product.

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Creamers from CREMILK are long-life and perfectly complement the flavour of any hot drink.

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Baby milk formula

CREMILK uses premium milk to make high-quality nutrition for babies.

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