CREMILK quality – regional, sustainable, conclusive

The key to our success is the same as it was 100 years ago: quality. To guarantee this, we monitor the entire production chain, because we know that good products only come from the best ingredients with the right preparation. That’s why CREMILK only uses the best raw ingredients and the very latest technology. This starts with our milk suppliers, some of which we have been working with for generations. We purchase our milk from contract farmers in the rural regions close to the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Our experience has shown that we simply get the best milk right here in our region. We apply the same high quality standards to our production – which we regularly update – and to our packaging. That’s why our partners trust CREMILK – from Kappeln to China.


In-house quality management

At CREMILK we don’t treat certificates as trophies – we view them as evidence that we are doing things sustainably and correctly. Stringent quality controls in all production processes and regular analyses in our lab guarantee that our customers can rely on the CREMILK plant in Kappeln to always produce first-class products. Our entire production is subject to precisely defined process control that ensures consistently high quality at all times.

Among other things, we are certified according to IFS Food as well as BRC Food and have a HACCP system.

What does CREMILK have to do with sustainability? Just about everything.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for CREMILK. Firstly, we cultivate honest, dependable and long-lasting relationships with our partners. Secondly, we are committed to protecting our environment, as it is the foundation for healthy products. So it goes without saying that we purchase our high-quality milk straight from farms in our area, where we have exclusive contracts with all of our milk suppliers. And to ensure we have a sustainable approach for the environment and our resources, CREMILK has introduced a binding and efficient energy management system.


Long-term partnerships

We buy our high-quality milk straight from the farm, working with long-term contract farmers who produce their milk exclusively for CREMILK. Our food experts regularly check how the cows are kept and how the milk production processes are running at our regional milk suppliers.

By doing this, we ensure that the animals are well and that our milk meets the extremely high hygiene standards that our baby milk formula must meet. After all these decades of experience, we know that self-audited dairy farms that support our standards are the best basis for premium quality in the long term.

New energy for our children

Part of our mission at CREMILK is to protect our environment and use energy efficiently, so that our children can have a healthy future. Using natural resources carefully and optimising the environmental impact of our production is a clear part of this. We are therefore improving sustainable development with our energy policy and optimising energy performance. To achieve our ambitious goals, CREMILK has introduced an energy management system in line with DIN EN ISO 50001:2001. This aims, firstly, to monitor all energy flows in the company and, secondly, to reduce our energy needs.


At CREMILK, we feel we have a responsibility to people: to our suppliers, part-ners, colleagues, customers and, above all, to our children.


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