Milk is our strength

As a region nestled between two seas, Schleswig-Holstein is known for its healthy climate, fresh sea breeze and lush meadows. So the Holstein cows who produce our basic ingredient enjoy the best conditions for making a first-class product: fresh milk for our CREMILK specialities. That’s why we can truly draw on a bounty of plentiful resources to deliver high-quality milk products for our customers each and every day. As well as baby milk formula, these products include various nutrition drinks, supplements and our versatile creamers.

Baby Milk Formula

Perfect ingredients and controlled manufacturing guarantee a safe product for child development right from day one.

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Nutrition Drinks from MILKRAFT

Our high-calorie drink and supplement products take care of gaps in your nutrition. MILKRAFT is available in a number of popular flavours.

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A tiny bit of happiness in any hot drink that also looks great and perfectly complements the intense aroma of a cup of coffee or cocoa.

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Our production – How CREMILK makes its premium products

Each day, our farmers deliver fresh milk to the CREMILK milk delivery area. After it has been skimmed, additional ingredients are added to the milk in the wet mixing station. The next stage is the evaporator, which removes most of the liquid from the milk. Next, the milk is gently transformed into a powder in the spray drying tower.

After spray drying, the after dryer is used to control whatever individual product properties are desired, such as residual moisture, wettability, particle size and bulk weight. Next, we refine our dry milk in the dry mixing station depending on the wishes of our customers, for instance by adding coffee or cocoa powder. Throughout the process, fully automated metering and monitoring systems ensure that the recipe is followed exactly. Our experienced employees also carry out systematic sensory tests to ensure that all products are of consistent quality.

Best experience in milk nutrition

CREMILK can draw on a century of experience in spray drying and recipe development for high-quality milk products. The very first spray-dried baby milk formula for Germany was produced here in Kappeln. Since then, generations of healthy people have grown up with our baby milk formula.

The highly qualified specialists at CREMILK work each and every day to create first-class quality for essential products with the best ingredients and state-of-the-art technology.

Developing products for people

Would you like to create something new for your customers or perfect an existing product? Our in-house development department will be pleased to help you make your requirements and ideas a reality. Our broad range of technology for spray-drying, agglomeration and mixing means that we can change specific properties of your product to tailor each detail to your requirements. These include: bulk weight, flowability, grain size, solubility, colour and homogeneity. Let’s convert strong ideas into success together.

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Anyone who has such a good basic product as our north-German milk has to do something special with it.


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The best ingredients and a strictly controlled manufacturing process create a safe product.

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CREMILK is part of the CAFEA Group and is a specialist in spray-dried milk products.

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